Neoga Community Food Pantry


P.O. Box 272
601 E 5th Street
Neoga, IL 62447

Who We Are:

The Faith Southern Baptist Food Pantry was formed in Feb. of 2000 as a need was seen in feeding the hungry in Neoga.  The Faith Southern Baptist Food Pantry became a member of the Eastern Illinois Foodbank in Urbana, and the Food Pantry was born.

Over the next four years, major changes occurred in the Food Pantry. From one church’s outreach, the Food Pantry has been expanded from a single church to now including churches not only in Neoga but also churches in Trilla, Sigel and the community as a whole. In 2003 the Food Pantry became a 501c3 not for profit corporation and the name was changed to more accurately state its mission: The Neoga Community Food Pantry.

Who We Serve:

We service a 10 mile radius of Neoga. We are located in the old Neoga Elementary School building. The Neoga Community Food Pantry is open the 1st Thursday of each month from 4-5 p.m. We also offer home deliveries for those who are homebound and emergency situations.

In that two hours each month we serve approx. 64 families and 212 clients, with food that has been provided through volunteer donations, food drives, or with money donated for the purchase of discounted food from the Eastern Illinois Foodbank.

Clients who meet the income guidelines as established by the Ill. Dept. of Human Services are eligible to receive each month. We use 130 percent of the poverty income rate. The only thing that we require is the ability to prove residence within the 10 mile radius.

Maximum monthly income per eligible household at 130% of the Federal Poverty Level (for each additional household member over 8, add $405)